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Just add a little salt to your blog idea

There you are, sitting in front of your screen, Microsoft Word open, a blinking cursor staring you in the face, when it hits you, the idea you have been waiting for. The excitement begins and you race off to Google to ensure nobody has beat you to the punch. You plug in the phrase, hit Enter, and: "About 1,800,000 results."

You're saddened, perhaps even feeling somewhat stupid that maybe you were the only one who didn't already know the topic.

You're not alone. People like yourself struggle with what I believe is the #1 blocker preventing those looking to start blogging. You feel as though you have nothing worthy to cover that hasn't already been produced hundreds of times.

However, my stance on this is that unless you are writing about something that literally was just announced to the general public (like a launch of a new technology or feature) or you had NDA insider information and scheduled the release of your post for the first day your NDA was lifted, then the likelihood that you are writing something that hasn’t already been written before is darn near impossible.

It’s not about you being the first one to cover the topic – what makes a great post is what is YOUR take on the topic, based on your expertise and your opinion. I like posts that show personality and read as though you and I are simply having a conversation on the subject face-to-face. I want to hear what you think about the subject, not that it simply was found or exists. Even the definition of the word "idea" reinforces this goal.

Merriam-Webster defines "Idea" as:

a formulated thought or opinion

What if we were to apply your logic to cooking recipes? Think you are the first? Heck no! There would only ever be one recipe for lasagna, pork chops, or chicken salad. But it is YOUR take on the ingredients for that chicken salad. It's the little extra spice or seasoning that makes it yours. That is what it takes to write a great blog post. Not that you are the first, but that it is your take on the topic - your point of view.

The other side of the coin is that when you write and post a blog, either on your personal blog or your company's blog, you are driving traffic to the site (and services for the company) which increases your credibility and personal brand for that topic/industry/technology/etc. So, there really is not a bad post you could do! Therefore, I say go for whatever you are passionate in writing, no worry if it has already been written before. Also, not to mention that the more traffic you drive to your site the higher your post will be on search results and thus you will be the “first” for that subject.

Stick with what got you here in the first place - your passion for wanting to write and share your knowledge or opinion with the world. Your idea may be duplicated, but the contents within never will be - you just need to add your own seasoning. 

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